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LAURENCE BINYON (1869-1943) Autograph Letter Signed
Name: LAURENCE BINYON (1869-1943) Autograph Letter Signed
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  LAURENCE BINYON (1869-1943) Autograph Letter Signed
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LAURENCE BINYON autograph letter Signed.

Robert Laurence Binyon. British (English) Poet & Dramatist.

ALS. 1p.  Chestnut Close, Ascott-Under-Wychwood, Oxon.  9th April 1920. To [Arthur St John] Adcock.

"I have been overworking and have been ordered a complete rest for a month at least; so I fear I can't undertake the article you want.  I am sorry. Yours sincerely, Laurence Binyon."

8vo. Approx 8 x 5 inches (20 x 12.5 cms). On thin, lined paper that has been tipped onto a paper backing.  VG.

Although not a 'war poet', Laurence Binyon is now best known for his poem 'For the Fallen' which contains the lines beginning 'they shall not grow old as we that are left grow old'.  Written in 1914 and published just after the Battle of the Marne, Binyon's poem has become a part of almost every service of remembrance for the dead of World War One.  After the war, Laurence Binyon returned to his work at the British Museum. Although he published a further book of poems in 1918, most of his writing in the 1920s was on the subject of art, William Blake and Japanese and oriental culture.  Laurence Binyon is said to have been the muse and inspiration for several poets of the time, including Ezra Pound, W.B. Yeats and Arthur Waley (who Binyon employed at the British Museum).  Arthur St John Adcock was a novelist and poet who is probably most noted for his 'discovery' of the poet W.H. Davies.  For many years he was the sole editor of 'The Bookman' in which he published many of the new and emerging writers of the day. Laurence Binyon is probably writing in connection with a request for an article in that publication.  In 1931 Adcock edited an anthology of living poets that included work by Laurence Binyon.

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